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Sagittarius I

Field ID: 03-Sgr-I-2014

Observational Details

 Coordinates:	RA[hms] = 18:00:00, Dec[°′″] = -30:20:00
 Observed:	April 14th, 2014 - May 28th, 2014 
 Status:	Released
 Satellites:	UBr



# HD Name V Sp.Type PIs/Contact PI TNDP1) Data avail.2)
1157056θ Oph3.27B2 IV Pigulski 2952 PP
215779244 b Oph4.17A3m Lüftinger 2960 PP
315791945 d Oph4.29F5 IV Lüftinger 2805 PP
4158408υ Sco2.69B2 IV Pigulski 2935 PP
5158926λ Sco1.63B2 IV + B Pigulski 2966 PP
6159433Q Sco4.29K0 IIIb Kallinger 2944 PP
7159532θ Sco1.86F1 II none 2946 PP
8160578κ Sco2.41B1.5 III Pigulski 2867 PP
9161471ι1 Sco3.03F2 Iae Lovekin 2860 PP
10161592X Sgr4.54F7 II Smolec 2971 PP
11161892G Sco3.21K2 III Kallinger 2929 PP
12164975γ1 Sgr4.69F7 Ib + A0 V Smolec 3011 PP
13165135γ2 Sgr2.99K0 III Kallinger 2901 PP
14166937μ Sgr3.86B8 Iap Pigulski 2999 PP
15167618η Sgr3.11M3.5 III Kallinger 2962 PP
16168454δ Sgr2.70K3 IIIa* Kallinger 2887 PP
17169022ε Sgr1.85B9.5 III Pigulski 2923 PP
18169916λ Sgr2.81K1 IIIb Kallinger 2993 PP
19173300φ Sgr3.17B8 III Pigulski 3008 PP
This is the total number of data points from all satellites
PP means that the proprietary period (PP) hasn't passed yet.
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