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Orion I

Field ID: 01-Ori-I-2013

Orion was the commissioning field for the BRITE mission. Therefore, it is subject to large data gaps as well as pointing issues. The data is still usable for science and the last 3 months of data for both UniBRITE and BRITE Austria are mostly continuous.

Observational Details

 Coordinates:	RA[hms] = 5:30:00, Dec[°′″] = +00:30:00
 Observed:	September 12th, 2013 - March 18th, 2014 
 Status:	Released
 Satellites:	BAb, UBr



# HD Name V Sp.Type Contact PI TNDP1)
131237π5 Ori3.72B3 III + B0 V Handler 59622
233111β Eri2.79A3 III Moffat 59024
334085β Ori0.12B8 Ia Guinan 59123
434503τ Ori3.60B5 III Pigulski 59446
535411η Ori3.36B1 V + B2 Pigulski 59370
635468γ Ori1.64B2 III Handler 59001
735715ψ2 Ori4.59B2 IV Pigulski 59860
836486δ Ori2.23O9.5 II Moffat 59317
936861λ Ori3.54O8 IIIf Moffat 59382
1037043ι Ori2.77O9 III Moffat 59485
1137128ε Ori1.70B0 Ia Moffat 58977
1237468σ Ori3.81O9.5 V Moffat 59182
1337742ζ Ori2.05O9.7 Ib Moffat 58853
1438771κ Ori2.06B0.5 Ia Moffat 59433
1539801α Ori0.50M1-2 Ia-Iab Guinan 59071
This is the total number of data points from all satellites
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