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Cygnus II

Field ID: 10-Cyg-II-2015

Observational Details

 Coordinates:	RA[hms] = 20:40:00, Dec[°′″] = +38:30:00
 Observed:	June 1st, 2015 - November 25th, 2015 
 Status:	Released
 Satellites:	BAb, UBr, BTr, BLb



# HD Name V Sp.Type PIs/Contact PI TNDP1) Data avail.2)
1186882δ Cyg2.87B9.5 IV + F1 V Pigulski 56572 public
218889222 Cyg4.94B5 IV Pigulski 17350 public
3189178 5.45B5 V Pigulski 10049 public
418968725 (V1746) Cyg5.19B3 IVe Baade 17519 public
518984915 (NT) Vul4.64A4 III Lüftinger 20147 public
619161028 (V1624) Cyg4.93B2.5 Ve Baade 115137 public
7192577/831 o1 (V695) Cyg3.80K2 II + B3 V Bennett 8277 PP
819264029 (V1644) Cyg4.97A2 V Zwintz 68603 public
9192685QR Vul4.76B3 IIIe Baade 107960 public
1019323734 (P) Cyg4.81B1.5 Iabe Richardson 111381 public
11194093γ Cyg2.20F8 Ib Szabados 57088 PP
12194335V2119 Cyg5.90B2 IIIe Baade 1725 public
1319506843 (V2121) Cyg5.74F0 V Zwintz 107297 public
1419529541 Cyg4.01F5 Iab Bennett 45736 PP
15195556ω1 (V2014) Cyg4.94B2.5 IV Handler 12963 public
16197345α Cyg1.25A2 Ia Richardson 55329 public
17197989ε Cyg2.46K0 III Kallinger 58801 public
18198183λ Cyg4.53B5 Ve Pigulski 147157 public
1919847855 (V1661) Cyg4.84B3 Ia Handler 97191 SP
2019863956 Cyg5.07A4me.. Lüftinger 11654 public
21198726T Vul5.77F5 Ib Smolec 105568 public
2219908157 Cyg4.78B5 V Pigulski 97460 public
23199629ν Cyg3.94A1 Vnne Paunzen 49800 public
2420012059 (V832) Cyg4.74B1.5 Vnne Pigulski 90191 public
2520031060 (V1931) Cyg5.42B1 Ve Baade 91697 public
26201078DT Cyg5.82F7.5 Ib-II Smolec 106988 public
27201433V389 Cyg5.69B9 Vp Si Lüftinger 107067 public
28202109ζ Cyg3.20G8 III none 48632 public
29202444τ Cyg3.72F2 IV Huber 10833 public
30202850σ Cyg4.23B9 Iab Handler 103359 SP
31202904υ Cyg4.43B2 Vne Pigulski 106833 public
3220306468 (V1809) Cyg5.00O7.5 IIIf Moffat 110236 public
33203156V1334 Cyg5.83F1 II Smolec 102135 public
34205435ρ Cyg4.02G5 III Konstantinova 155685 public
This is the total number of data points from all satellites
PP means that the proprietary period (PP) hasn't passed yet. SP means that the proprietary period passed, but the data are protected because they are used in a PhD project. Anybody interested in the data is requested to contact the contact PI.
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