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Canis Major / Puppis I

Field ID: 12-CMaPup-I-2015

Observational Details

 Coordinates:	RA[hms] = 7:12:00, Dec[°′″] = -24:50:00
 Observed:	October 18th, 2015 - April 16th, 2016 
 Status:	Released
 Satellites:	BTr, BLb, BHr



# HD Name V Sp.Type Contact PI TNDP1) Data avail.2)
144402ζ CMa3.02B2.5 V Pigulski 20084 PP
244743β CMa1.98B1 II-III Handler 89481 PP
345871IY CMa5.74B4 Vnpe Baade 84984 PP
446328ξ1 CMa4.33B0.5 IV Handler 179048 PP
54891710 (FT) CMa5.20B2 IIIe Baade 122882 PP
649131HP CMa5.80B2 III Baade 33931 PP
750013κ CMa3.96B1.5 IVne Baade 97131 PP
850123HZ CMa5.70B6 Vnpe Pigulski 85329 PP
95070715 (EY) CMa4.83B1 IV Handler 182484 PP
1050877o1 CMa3.87K2 Iab Moffat 50933 PP
1150896EZ CMa6.91WN5-B Moffat 71775 PP
1251309ι CMa4.37B3 II Handler 168127 PP
1352089ε CMa1.50B2 II Handler 88737 PP
1452670LS CMa5.63B2 V Pigulski 51451 PP
1552877σ CMa3.47K7 Ib Kallinger 59901 PP
1653138o2 CMa3.02B3 Iab Handler 86879 PP
1753244γ CMa4.12B8 II Pigulski 20694 PP
1854309FV CMa5.71B2 IVe Baade 6762 PP
1954605δ CMa1.84F8 Ia Moffat 94687 PP
205601427 (EW) CMa4.66B3 IIIe Baade 174964 PP
2156139ω CMa3.85B2 IV-Ve Baade 181063 PP
225706029 (UW) CMa4.98O7 Ia:fp Moffat 156380 PP
2357061τ CMa4.40O9 Ib Moffat 158182 PP
2458155NO CMa5.43B5 IIIn Baade 85209 PP
2558286 5.39B3 III-IV Pigulski 12657 PP
2658343FW CMa5.33B2.5 IVe Baade 84919 PP
2758350η CMa2.45B5 Ia Handler 97043 PP
2861068PT Pup5.74B2 III Handler 85346 PP
29626233 l Pup3.96A2 Iabe Moffat 97476 PP
3062747V390 Pup5.60B2 II Pigulski 51536 PP
3163462o Pup4.50B0 V:pe: Baade 181464 PP
3267523ρ Pup2.81F6 IIp Antoci 141615 PP
This is the total number of data points from all satellites
PP means that the proprietary period (PP) hasn't passed yet.
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