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Centaurus I

Field ID: 02-Cen-I-2014

Centaurus observations are almost entirely continuous for BRITE Austria and UniBRITE. It is also the commissioning field for BRITE Lem and BRITE Toronto, but this data only span a couple of weeks.

Observational Details

  Coordinates:  RA[hms] = 14:45:00, Dec[°′″] = -51:20:00
  Observed:	March 25th, 2014 - August 18th, 2014 
  Status:	Released
  Satellites:	BAb, UBr, BTr, BLb 



# HD Name V Sp.Type Contact PI TNDP1)
1118716ε Cen2.30B1 III Handler 112700
2120307ν Cen3.41B2 IV Pigulski 114411
3120324μ Cen3.04B2 IV-Ve Baade 114714
4121263ζ Cen2.55B2.5 IV Handler 112874
5121743φ Cen3.83B2 IV Handler 114511
6121790υ1 Cen3.87B2 IV-V Paunzen 87244
7122451β Cen0.61B1 III Pigulski 112380
8122980χ Cen4.36B2 V Paunzen 85297
9125238ι Lup3.55B2.5 IV Handler 86509
10125823a Cen4.42B7 IIIp Pigulski 84972
11126341τ1 Lup4.56B2 IV Pigulski 111759
12126354τ2 Lup4.35F4 IV + A7: Pigulski 84136
13127381σ Lup4.42B2 III Neiner 84019
14127973η Cen2.31B1.5 Vne Baade 113460
15128345ρ Lup4.05B5 V Pigulski 86235
16128620/1α Cen-0.01G2 V Huber 112323
17128898α Cir3.19Ap SrEuCr: Weiss 112919
18129056α Lup2.30B1.5 III/Vn Handler 112768
19129116b Cen4.00B3 V Paunzen 86684
20130807o Lup4.32B5 IV Pigulski 84412
21132058β Lup2.68B2 III/IV Pigulski 112548
22132200κ Cen3.13B2 IV Pigulski 113241
23133242π Lup4.72B5 V Paunzen 4934
24134481κ1 Lup3.87B9.5 Vne Baade 85710
25134505ζ Lup3.41G8 III Huber 112915
26135379β Cir4.07A3 V Lüftinger 85911
27135734μ Lup4.27B8 Ve Baade 83868
28136298δ Lup3.22B1.5 IV Pigulski 111781
29136415γ Cir4.51B5 IV+F8 Pigulski 82596
30136504ε Lup3.37B2 IV-V Paunzen 86425
31138690γ Lup2.78B2 IV Pigulski 113044
32139127ω Lup4.33K4.5 III Kallinger 3354
This is the total number of data points from all satellites
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