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Centaurus I

Field ID: 02-Cen-I-2014

Centaurus observations are almost entirely continuous for BRITE Austria and UniBRITE. It is also the commissioning field for BRITE Lem and BRITE Toronto, but this data only span a couple of weeks.

Observational Details

  Coordinates:  RA[hms] = 14:45:00, Dec[°′″] = -51:20:00
  Observed:	March 25th, 2014 - August 18th, 2014 
  Status:	Released
  Satellites:	BAb, UBr, BTr, BLb 



# HD Name V Sp.Type Contact PI TNDP1) Data avail.2)
1118716ε Cen2.30B1 III Handler 112700 SP
2120307ν Cen3.41B2 IV Pigulski 114411 public
3120324μ Cen3.04B2 IV-Ve Baade 114714 public
4121263ζ Cen2.55B2.5 IV Handler 112874 public
5121743φ Cen3.83B2 IV Handler 114511 public
6121790υ1 Cen3.87B2 IV-V Paunzen 87244 public
7122451β Cen0.61B1 III Pigulski 112380 public
8122980χ Cen4.36B2 V Paunzen 85297 public
9125238ι Lup3.55B2.5 IV Handler 86509 public
10125823a Cen4.42B7 IIIp Pigulski 84972 public
11126341τ1 Lup4.56B2 IV Pigulski 111759 public
12126354τ2 Lup4.35F4 IV + A7: Pigulski 84136 public
13127381σ Lup4.42B2 III Neiner 84019 public
14127973η Cen2.31B1.5 Vne Baade 113460 public
15128345ρ Lup4.05B5 V Pigulski 86235 public
16128620/1α Cen-0.01G2 V Huber 112323 public
17128898α Cir3.19Ap SrEuCr: Weiss 112919 public
18129056α Lup2.30B1.5 III/Vn Handler 112768 public
19129116b Cen4.00B3 V Paunzen 86684 public
20130807o Lup4.32B5 IV Pigulski 84412 public
21132058β Lup2.68B2 III/IV Pigulski 112548 public
22132200κ Cen3.13B2 IV Pigulski 113241 public
23133242π Lup4.72B5 V Paunzen 4934 public
24134481κ1 Lup3.87B9.5 Vne Baade 85710 public
25134505ζ Lup3.41G8 III Huber 112915 public
26135379β Cir4.07A3 V Lüftinger 85911 public
27135734μ Lup4.27B8 Ve Baade 83868 public
28136298δ Lup3.22B1.5 IV Pigulski 111781 public
29136415γ Cir4.51B5 IV+F8 Pigulski 82596 public
30136504ε Lup3.37B2 IV-V Paunzen 86425 public
31138690γ Lup2.78B2 IV Pigulski 113044 public
32139127ω Lup4.33K4.5 III Kallinger 3354 public
This is the total number of data points from all satellites
SP means that the proprietary period passed, but the data are protected because they are used in a PhD project. Anybody interested in the data is requested to contact the contact PI.
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