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Scorpius I

Field ID: 09-Sco-I-2015

Observational Details

 Coordinates:	RA[hms] = 15:58:00, Dec[°′″] = -30:00:00
 Observed:	Feb. 26, 2015 -  Aug 31, 2015
 Status:	Released
 Satellites:	BAb, UBr, BLb, BHr


# HD Name V Sp.Type Contact PI TNDP1) Data avail.2)
1136298δ Lup3.22B1.5 IV Pigulski 123352 public
2136504ε Lup3.37B2 IV-V Paunzen 28084 public
3136664φ2 Lup4.54B3 IV Paunzen 21206 public
4138690γ Lup2.78B2 IV Pigulski 124369 public
5139365τ Lib3.66B2.5 V Pigulski 117855 public
6141556χ Lup3.95B9 IV Lüftinger 111943 public
7142669ρ Sco3.88B2 IV-V Pigulski 106613 public
8143018π Sco2.89B1 V + B2 V Pigulski 123931 public
9143118η Lup3.41B2.5 IV Pigulski 122253 public
10143275δ Sco2.32B0.5 IV Baade 89157 public
11144217β1 Sco2.62B1 V Handler 69187 public
12144294θ Lup4.23B2.5 Vn Paunzen 35789 public
13144470ω1 Sco3.96B1 V Handler 121375 public
14145482c2 Sco4.57B2 Vn Paunzen 21294 public
15145502ν Sco4.01B2 IV Paunzen 65085 public
16147165σ Sco2.89B1 III Pigulski 125681 public
17148478α Sco0.96M1.5 Iab-Ib + B4 V Guinan 94757 public
18148688V1058 Sco5.39B1 Ia Pigulski 21468 public
19148703N Sco4.23B2 III-IV Pigulski 122683 public
20149038μ Nor4.94B0 Ia Handler 21403 public
21149404V918 Sco5.47O9 Ia + O Rauw 21448 public
22149438τ Sco2.81B0 V Pigulski 113893 public
23151680ε Sco2.29K2.5 III Kallinger 100034 public
24151804V973 Sco5.22O8 Iaf Moffat 21442 public
25151890μ1 Sco2.98B1.5 V Pavlovski 116470 public
26151985μ2 Sco3.54B2 IV Pavlovski 116470 public
This is the total number of data points from all satellites
PP means that the proprietary period (PP) hasn't passed yet.
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