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Sagittarius V

Field ID: 45-Sgr-V-2019

Observational Details

 Coordinates:	RA[hms] = 17:57:00, Dec[°′″] = -32:00:00
 Dates:		March 20th, 2019 - September 20th, 2019
 Status:	QCT review
 Satellites:	BAb, UBr


# HD Name V Sp.Type Contact PI TNDP1)
1 155203 η Sco 3.33 F5 IV Paunzen 37450
1157056θ Oph3.27B2 IV Pigulski
2158408υ Sco2.69B2 IV Pigulski
3158926λ Sco1.63B2 IV + B Pigulski
4160578κ Sco2.41B1.5 III Pigulski
5161471ι1 Sco3.03F2 Iae Lovekin
6161892G Sco3.21K2 III Kallinger
7165135γ2 Sgr2.99K0 III Kallinger
8167618η Sgr3.11M3.5 III Kallinger
9168454δ Sgr2.67K2.5 IIIa_CN0.5 Kallinger
10169022ε Sgr1.85B9.5 III Pigulski
11169916λ Sgr2.81K0 IV Kallinger
12173300φ Sgr3.17B8 III Pigulski
This is the total number of data points from all satellites
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